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Shipping available exclusively to the US.

We are working around the clock to get all shipments out as soon as possible and we will notify you when it has been sent.  Please keep in mind that if you have an imported item, it can take up to 2+ weeks to ensure your custom order is fulfilled.  (Purchasing faster shipping times does not exclude our production/processing times).  

Our policy covers the aspects of our business that we have direct control over and does not cover the actions of third parties.

Under this policy, we guarantee:

  • To deliver high-quality products in a timely manner.

  • To deliver the product you ordered and the quantity you ordered.


Our policy does NOT include:

  • Delivery times - as these are fulfilled by a courier. We can only provide you with an estimated delivery date which is a good indication of when you should expect your order, but not a guarantee.

  • Delivery if a customer enters an incomplete or incorrect delivery address.

  • A delivery that is refused by the recipient or if multiple delivery attempts are made unsuccessfully.

  • Delays or damages in transit.

  • Delays in production if we are awaiting information from the customer (new artwork to replace inaccurate or unusable previously uploaded artwork).

  • Refunds or Exchanges

We do not accept returns.  Should you have any questions with regard to your item(s) please contact us at



  • Credit / Debit Cards




Design and Artwork

More than mere illustrations; BDC stickers are vibrant, custom-designed characters with unique traits that celebrate diversity and individuality. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these high-quality artworks go beyond aesthetics, portraying a rich tapestry of cultural backgrounds and distinct personalities. Each sticker represents a specific character trait, providing children with relatable and empowering images that mirror their own uniqueness.


Application and Use

These waterproof stickers are your versatile companions for self-expression. Ideal for laptops, water bottles, and more—indoors or outdoors. Their durability adds flair to everyday items, making a bold statement wherever you choose to stick them. Embrace individuality on any surface with these colorful and resilient additions to your daily life.

Durability and Longevity

Designed for the long haul, these stickers are more than just a burst of color—they're built to last. Scratch-resistant and fade-resistant, they promise enduring vibrancy through everyday wear and tear. Make a lasting statement with these resilient expressions of individuality on your personal items.


Adhesive Properties

Our stickers feature a versatile adhesive—firm for a secure placement yet removable without surface damage. Feel free to reposition them as you please, confident that they adhere securely and can be easily removed without a trace.


Theme or Purpose

Empower your child with inspiring stickers celebrating diversity! Each vibrant character embodies a unique trait. More than decor, these stickers inspire pride, belonging, and self-worth. Elevate their world with symbols of empowerment and individuality.


Target Audience

Dive into a world where each sticker is a mini-you—vibrant, unique, and totally relatable. It's not just decor; it's your personal story in adhesive form. Stick with us and let your individuality shine!

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